November 12, 2018

When people think of Ethiopia, it’s the churches of Lalibela, the various tribes and the stunning Simien Mountains that generally spring to mind, but these are only a small part of what the country has to offer. The wildlife could be Ethiopia’s best kept secret, as it’s home to some of the most charismatic, endemic species, from the gelada baboon, to the Walia ibex and Ethiopian wolf.


The Simien Mountains National Park, is not only a stunning location, but is also where clients can have close encounters with the gelada baboon.They can sit and observe the baboon’s behaviour, foraging amongst the grasses all whilst surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains. If they are really lucky some clients may spot one of the rarest endemic mammals in Ethiopia, the Walia ibex, which is seen only on very steep areas of the mountains. Confrontations between dominant males are not only impressive, but often take place right on the edge of the steep slopes!


Travelling south to the famous Bale Mountains National Park, clients will search the trails for some of the most unique birds the country has to offer, from the colourful Chestnut-naped Francolin to the vocal Abyssinian Catbird. They are also likely to spot a variety of unusual mammals including a small white-chested monkey. One of Africa’s least studied primates, the Bale Mountains vervet is found in thick bamboo forests within the park.


Other rare sightings of some fantastic mammals come from a visit to the Sanetti Plateau. With amazing scenery, this provides a fantastic contrast to other previously visited landscapes. Clients may also encounter the plateau’s most unique resident, the Ethiopian Wolf, which is the world’s rarest canid. With less than 500 left in the wild, this is one of the world’s most threatened carnivores and is a “try to” see on any itinerary.


With all this in mind, next time you think of Ethiopia, don’t just think about the wonderful culture and history the country has to offer, remember that it’s also home to many unique and wonderfully vibrant, endemic species that should be top of your client’s list to experience when visiting Ethiopia.


Dinknesh Ethiopia Tours is one of Ethiopia’s premier tour operators. Providing exceptional itineraries to groups and individuals, Dinknesh assures attention to detail, experienced guides and excellent service standards. With decades of experience, organising authentic itineraries, including wildlife and birding tours, is their speciality.


For more information on Dinknesh Ethiopia Tours or to find out more about potential future Fam Trips to Ethiopia, please contact

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