July 27, 2018


Tuli Safari Lodge recently became the perfect wellness retreat after partnering up with Exotic Yoga Retreats, with guests leaving the lodge feeling truly revitalised. At Tuli Safari Lodge guests combined nature, walking and driving safaris with yoga and meditation. All had incredible outcomes, with guests enthused by the incredible experience they had at the lodge.


"I didn't know what to expect on a yoga safari. All I can say is the experience was beyond my imagination! I think hiking, meditating and doing yoga made me feel at one with nature and I really connected with myself in a way I never knew before. It was an experience I will bring home and try to keep living!”


The breath-taking landscape and peaceful surroundings made for a perfect setting for the guests to enjoy yoga, whilst watching elephants pass by and listening to the sounds of local wildlife. Where Tuli is situated on the easternmost corner of Botswana close to the Limpopo River, guests were made to feel as if time has stood still. The lodge’s unique relaxing atmosphere, laid back attitude and spacious gardens shaded by ancient trees, meant that it was easy for guests to roll out their mats and join in with the classes.


The wilderness retreat at Tuli provided guests with the right balance of mindfulness and relaxation. Alongside the spiritual elements of the trip, guests explored their African surroundings with game drives offering unforgettable photographic moments. They also took part in gentle paced bush - walks where guests enjoyed a multi-sensory experience of Africa at ground level.


Tuli’s scenic surroundings and large swimming pool allowed guests to “be in the moment” and take some extra down time. The nearby waterhole and hide offered another chance for guests to get closer to wildlife. An ideal wellness retreat in its own right, with a natural slower pace and idyllic environment, guests found themselves wanting to spend more time chilling at the lodge itself outside of other yoga and safari activities.


One other activity that the group participated in during their stay was a community visit, where they experienced life in a Botswana village and marvelled at ancient rock art. Guests also learnt all about the recent community projects that Tuli Safari Lodge supported, seeing them in action was an eye opening and enriching experience for the whole group.


The founder of Yoga Retreats described the group’s trip to Botswana “as an incredible experience that the group have shared in this beautiful country together. This holiday was immensely spiritual, rejuvenating and unforgettable”


Tull Safari Lodge, has just 10 suites (eight tented and 2 classic) nestled throughout large, landscaped gardens. Providing an intimate and peaceful escape, all of the suites are open plan and furnished to a high standard, decorated with a modern take on the classic 'Out of Africa' decor.


After the success of their previous trip, in April 2019 Exotic Yoga Retreats will be organising another group yoga trip for their clients with Tuli Safari Lodge. To book your clients to stay at Tuli Safari Lodge rates start from $460 pppn, for more information, please contact Kristina Harlow.



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