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April 19, 2017


If African Wild Dogs could be renamed, tourists might be keener to see these rarely seen canines, and perhaps even contribute more to their conservation.


With the most creative, but accurate alternative name being Painted Wolf, it’s clear to see how visitors from Europe and North America would cherish their fortunate sightings and not see the wild dog as something tantamount to a stray, seen at home.


Living in small families across sub-Saharan Africa, the total population is believed to have dipped below 10,000.  Ruthless and highly successful hunters, packs are known to have huge ranges up to 1500 sqkm. Able to achieve speeds of over 35 kmh, their quarry is often captured through highly coordinated teamwork and amazing stamina. 


Wild dogs are regularly seen close to Konkamoya, located in Zambia’s Kafue National Park, where 3 to 4 packs have denned and successfully raised pups to the obvious delight of the lodge’s guests. 


At Konkamoya you will find four luxurious tents furnished in a colonial style able to accommodate up to 8 guests. The lodge only hosts a purposely small number to allow an extremely intimate experience. Guests can learn to follow marks, footprints or broken twigs, they can study the remains of banquets left behind by mighty predators and observe the extraordinary life of insects and small mammals that are usually difficult to spot during a normal safari in a vehicle.


Konkamoya Lodge is open during the dry season, mid June to mid November.


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