Celebrations in Ethiopia are truly spectacular, colourful events, mostly religious, and frequently take place over several days. The country hosts locals and visitors from all over the world, these one of a kind joyous celebration are something that all clients should experience. TIMKAT Exclusive to Ethiopia, the colourful annual street festival is a three-day event which starts from 18th of January and is celebrated until the 20th of January. Locals go outdoors in masses in their best traditional clothing to worship and commemorate the baptism of christ by John the Baptist. The eve of Timket (Ketera) involves moving the Tabots, a model of the Arc of Covenant from the churches. The Arc is ca


Konkamoya Lodge is situated in Southern Kafue and is the only lodge based on the banks of the Itezhi-Tezhi Lake. It’s unique, remote location lends itself to some unforgettable wildlife encounters, one encounter being with the elusive Aardvark. Providing a true wilderness experience, guests at Konkamoya can exclusively enjoy the amazing landscape and the rich wildlife of this unique ecosystem, especially after dark. When night falls, the adventure only continues. With a huge 90% success rate for spotting these nocturnal creatures, Konkamoya is an exceptional base for guests to embark in their Aardvark expedition. Accompanied by their experienced and knowledgeable guides, guests can indulge i


The Northern Tuli Game Reserve in Botswana is one of the least travelled to safari environments and really is unlike any other part of Botswana. This year-round destination includes a mystical combination of stunning rock formations, unusual shaped kopjes, spectacular landscapes and an abundance of wildlife suitable for the perfect family safari. Tuli Safari Lodge offers a family friendly approach with children of all ages welcome. Their classic suites are spacious enough to accommodate families of up to four and the large wrap-around decks provide a relaxing outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy. The safari guides love spending time with the little ones, teaching them about tracks, sm

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