Travelling to Africa for wildlife usually means spotting the 'big five' in one of the continent's national parks, but getting off the beaten track and heading to the Ethiopian highlands can extremely rewarding. Ethiopia is renowned for its ancient monasteries, rock-hewn churches and unique tribal groups and so animals don't often come to mind when you think of Ethiopia. However, the country is an excellent destination for wildlife and gives real enthusiasts the chance to get a glimpse of some very rare and endemic species such as the Gelada baboon and the Simien wolf. To make the most of this diversity, Dinknesh Ethiopia Tours have exceptional experience of organising authentic itinerarie


On the less busy western side of Chobe Forest Reserve lies Muchenje Safari Lodge, set in an unspoilt safari playground situated on an escarpment. With wonderful views of the Chobe River, the Caprivi Strip and seasonal flood plains. Far away from the overcrowded parts of Chobe National Park. Providing visitors with both peace, tranquillity and a high density of game due to its close proximity to the river, staying at Muchenje offers the perfect combination of harmony, beautiful scenery and animal encounters due to its unique location. The Chobe River provides a vital source of water to a diverse number of wildlife, with many animals visiting to drink, bathe and play. No visit to Muchenje i


Takims Holidays take pride in knowing that everyone who is involved in organising trips across Tanzania undergo rigorous training in customer care, itinerary preparation and product knowledge. Emphasis is placed on paying attention to even the smallest of details which make your clients holiday memorable. A DEDICATED TEAM With three generations of Tanzanian experience, the two co-directors Tehsin and Abbas Takim take great pride in being involved in every aspect of the day to day operations of Takims Holidays, with their passion being one of their greatest strengths alongside their effective and efficient service. Takims provide staff with many benefits including family health insurance a


Mahogany Springs sits in a truly unique spot, where two very different landscapes collide. Whilst staying at the lodge clients can witness two different environments with cultivation on one side of the lodge and on the other, conservation. SURREAL EXPERIENCE The conservation area shows the beautiful natural scenery Bwindi Forest has to offer, this forest protects the abundance of wildlife and of course the ever famous gorillas found in Uganda. The cultivation side supports the local community through crop growth and various forms of farming. Mahogany Springs' location makes for some spectacular views and photography of the parallel landscapes. It really does provide the best of both worl


Takims Holidays are the true pioneers developing Tanzania's safari and tourism industry with over half a century of experience they have built their reputation to be one of the premier Travel and Destination Management Companies. A LONG STANDING HISTORY Takims Holidays is a third generation family business and the oldest family run safari company in Tanzania. The company is 100% Tanzanian owned. They promote training and employment of local talent in order to ensure maximum job creation and a positive impact of tourism in the local communities. After the family settled in Zanzibar in 1896, Akber Takim started the very first travel agency on the island in 1950. In 1964, they re-launched as Ta

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