Sustainable tourism plays a major role in supporting conservation projects and the protection of habitats and its inhabitants. Even small camps can be incredibly powerful for protecting large and endangered parks like the Kafue. Konkamoya lodge is a great example of how its improving conservation in the Kafue area. THE CONSERVATION STORY OF KONKAMOYA Konkamoya Lodge is the only camp situated on Lake Itezhi Tezhi in the south of Kafue National Park, with its nearest neighbour a 3 hour drive away. Daily patrolling of the area with game drives, employing local people and providing funds for the salaries of the park rangers, all stem from the day to day running of the lodge and its guests. CLIE


Omo Valley is one of Africa’s most fascinating regions as it is home to numerous indigenous tribes. Visiting their villages provides clients with the opportunity to gain a much deeper understanding and interest in their differing cultures and history. NEW TENTED CAMP There’s now a new mobile camping experience set up in the Omo Valley provided by Dinknesh. They have invested in comfortable walk-in canvas tents with verandas, en-suite shower, dressing / storage area and private toilet. Camping offers not only a good budget option, it is also delivers convenience, by being located deep within the tribal homelands. PHOTOGRAPHIC TENTS As the Omo Valley is considered by many to be a photographer


Reconnect clients with their spirit of adventure and let them follow in the footsteps of ancient explorers and local Maasai guides in the pristine wilderness on a once-in-a-lifetime guided walking safari in the Masai Mara. This activity at Basecamp Explorers renewed camps, will allow them to discover the beautiful terrains and diverse wildlife all whilst on foot. Getting you closer to the action than ever before, there are many ways to explore Masai Mara, but only walking gives you the opportunity to move at the pace of nature. Along the way, learn about game tracking and spot wildlife rarely spotted from a car. Clients will tune into the sounds and smells, the textures, temperature, and col


Since 2009 Waterberry Zambezi Lodge’s Tukongote Community Projects have improved the educational opportunities in nearby villages. What initially started as a single pre-school has now evolved into a growing educational hub for both children and adults. The new Preschool building has been joined by the first two classrooms of the Primary School, which will expand up to Grade 7. For secondary schooling, 29 children have been sponsored by generous guests of Waterberry who promise to pay for 5 years of education at partner school Kazungula this year. Waterberry’s nearby villages are full of people who want to learn - from basic reading, writing and mathematics, to skills that will help them ear


Whilst Madagascar in undoubtedly a highly desireable destination for many tourists, in reality it is suited to the more ‘open minded’ traveller. That’s not to detract from the Madagascar’s amazing attractions, but due to its less developed tourism infrastructure, transport links and accommodation options, it requires a true sense of adventure, a love of travel (in its broadest sense) and the ability to roll with whatever life can throw at you to enjoy the island to the full. Due to its sheer size and scale, it is nigh on impossible to see the whole island in just one visit, yet many travellers attempt to do just that. So creating an itinerary that either provides the “very best of”, or match

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