Tuli Safari Lodge recently became the perfect wellness retreat after partnering up with Exotic Yoga Retreats, with guests leaving the lodge feeling truly revitalised. At Tuli Safari Lodge guests combined nature, walking and driving safaris with yoga and meditation. All had incredible outcomes, with guests enthused by the incredible experience they had at the lodge. "I didn't know what to expect on a yoga safari. All I can say is the experience was beyond my imagination! I think hiking, meditating and doing yoga made me feel at one with nature and I really connected with myself in a way I never knew before. It was an experience I will bring home and try to keep living!” The breath-taking land


Ever wondered what it would be like to arrive into your chosen destination in an extraordinary way, starting your dream trip with an incredible first memory. Guests can do just that at Tuli Safari Lodge, with the lodge's exciting cable car ride across the Limpopo River, gliding between the two borders of South Africa and Botswana. SWING INTO ACTION With a simple press of the buzzer guests alert the operator that they are requesting to cross the Botswana border. A caged cable car arrives to whisk guests along the river - cast all images of 5* luxury ski resorts out of your mind. This cable car ride is much more rustic and quintessentially African. Guests will slowly sway through tree lines an


Kafunta Safaris has come along way since the opening of their first lodge in South Luangwa in 1998. Owners Anke and Ron Cowan have seen first hand the progression of the Luangwa Valley and its tourism and this year is special as July marks their 20th anniversary. HOW THE STORY BEGAN For Ron and Anke it all started in Australia 1988 , when they met whilst Anke was holidaying from her native Germany. They bonded over their passion for travel, eventually leading them both on an adventurous trip to Africa and falling in love with the Luangwa Valley. KAFUNTA RIVER LODGE WAS BORN So much so they decided to build their own camp - ‘Wildlife Camp’, a nearby self-catering and camping lodge. By 1996,

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